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Calorie counterSick of counting calories?

Health & Wellbeing's calorie counter is the ideal way to keep track of your daily dietary intake. Forget paper food diaries that you start and never finish — now you can add up everything in the one place and from the comfort of your own computer. We have also added new data so that you can work out how much of those key nutrients you are consuming — calcium, protein, iron, fibre, potassium, sodium, saturated fat, carbohydrates and — especially for women of childbearing age — folate.

Happy counting!

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All values are representative and should be used as a guide only. There are natural variations in data, and sometimes it is not available for all categories for a minority of food and beverages. if you have any serious concerns about your nutritional intake, please visit your GP in the first instance.

In addition, your weight as compared to your kilojoule intake will vary according to your level of physical activity, your height, your physical condition, and according to other variables such as any medication you are on.

How many serves of the items below do you consume each day?
Meat, poultry, fish

Description Serving Size Qty
Thin rasher, fried1 rasher (26g)
Thin rasher, grilled or roasted1 rasher (29g)

Beef, cooked
Description Serving Size Qty
Mince lean, pan-cooked100g
Mince regular, pan-cooked100g
Roast beef100g
Rump steak, grilled100g
Sirloin steak, grilled100g
T-Bone steak, grilled100g
Topside steak, grilled100g

Description Serving Size Qty
BBQ, meat and skin100g
Breast fillets, no skin, grilled86g
Drumsticks, meat and skin1 medium, no bone (52g)
Roast, skin off100g
Roast, skin on100g
Wings, meat and skin, roasted1 wing, no bone (34g)

Description Serving Size Qty
Duck breast, roasted, with skin1/2 breast (120g)
Duck, roasted, no skin1 cup, chopped or diced (140g)
Duck, roasted, with skin1 cup, chopped or diced (140g)

Description Serving Size Qty
Oily fish, grilled1 fillet (176g)
Salmon steak, grilled or baked100g
Smoked salmon28g
Swordfish, grilled or baked1 steak (106g)
Tuna steak, grilled or baked100g
White fish, fried in batter100g
White fish, grilled100g

Lamb, cooked
Description Serving Size Qty
Chops1 chop (85g)

Lunch meats
Description Serving Size Qty
Honey smoked ham100g
Roasted ham85g
Tinned ham100g
Turkey ham, sliced100g

Pork, cooked
Description Serving Size Qty
Chops1 chop (100g)
Pork steak147g

Description Serving Size Qty
Pork, cooked1 link (24g)

Tinned fish
Description Serving Size Qty
Pink Salmon100g
Sardines, in tomato sauce1 sardine (38g)
Tuna, in brine or water1 can (165g)

How many serves of the items below do you consume each day?
Fruit and vegetables

Dried fruit
Description Serving Size Qty
Dried apples1 ring (6g)
Dried apricotsHalf a fruit (4g)
Dried currants100g
Dried figs1 fig (8g)
Dried prunes100g
Seedless raisins50 raisins (26g)

Description Serving Size Qty
Apple, Granny Smith1 medium (154gm)
Apricots1 medium (35gm)
Avocado1 avocado (201g)
Banana1 medium (150gm)
Blueberries50 berries (68g)
Cherries1 cherry (7g)
Dates1 date, pitted
Figs1 medium (50g)
Grapefruit1/2 medium (100g)
GrapesSmall bunch (160g)
Honeydew melon1 cup balls (177g)
Kiwifruit1 medium (100g)
Lemon1 medium (108g)
Lime1 medium (67g)
Lychees1 normal (20g)
Mandarin1 medium (100g)
Mango1 medium (207g)
Nashi Fruit1 medium (122g)
Nectarine1 medium (136g)
Oranges1 large (184g)
Papaya1 medium (300g)
Peach1 medium (98g)
Pear1 medium (166g)
Pineapple1 cup diced (155g)
Plums1 medium (66g)
Raspberries10 berries (19g)
Rhubarb1 stalk (51g)
Rockmelon1 wedge (69g)
Strawberries1 cup (144g)
Tangerine1 small (84g)
Tomato1 medium (111g)
Watermelon1 cup (154g)

Description Serving Size Qty
ArtichokeGlobe (100g)
Asparagus3 spears (60g)
Bak choy, boiled1 cup (170g)
Baked beans1 cup (254g)
Baked beans, no added salt1 cup (254g)
Baked beans, reduced saltHalf can (210g)
Bean Sprouts1 cup (184g)
Beans, borlotti1/2 cup (60gm)
Beans, green1/2 cup (60gm)
Beans, kidney - canned100g
Beans, lima - canned100g
Beetroot, pickled1 medium (100g)
Broccoli3 florets (78g)
Brussel SproutsFour small (100g)
Capsicum, red, raw1 cup (149g)
Carrots1 small (100g)
Cauliflower1/2 cup (100g)
Celery1 piece (40g)
Chinese broccoli, boiled1 cup (88g)
Chives1 tbsp (3g)
Choko1 large (203g)
Corn1 medium cob (100g)
Corn, kernels only1/2 cup
Garlic1 clove
Gherkin1 medium (35g)
Ginger1 tsp, grated
Horseradish1 tsp
Kale, boiled1 cup (130g)
Leeks1 leek (124g)
Lentilscooked, 100g
Lettuce1 cup, shredded (72g)
Mushrooms1 cup, button (70g)
Okra, boiled100g
Onions1 small (70g)
Parsley1 tbsp, chopped
Parsnip, boiled1/2 medium (78g)
Peas, green100g
Peas, snow100g
Potato, baked1 medium (173g)
Pumpkin, mashed1 cup (245g)
Radish1 large (9g)
Seaweed, dry100g
Seaweed, fresh100g
Shallots1 tbsp (10g)
Soy beans, boiled, with salt1 cup (180g)
Spinach1 cup (30g)
Spring onions1 medium (15g)
SquashButton (100g)
Sweet potato100g
Turnip1 medium (100g)
Water chestnuts4 chestnuts (35g)
Zucchini1 small (100g)

How many serves of the items below do you consume each day?
Oil, sauces, soups and spreads

Description Serving Size Qty
Bread sticks1 stick (5g)
Guacamole1 tbsp (20g)
Hummus1 tbsp (14g)

Description Serving Size Qty
Duck fat1 tbsp (13g)

Description Serving Size Qty
Canola1 tbsp (14ml)
Oil sprayFew sprays
Olive1 tbsp (14g)
Peanut1 tbsp (14ml)

Pasta Sauces
Description Serving Size Qty
Marinara sauce, ready-prepared100g
Tomato based, meat100gm
Tomato-based, no meat, ready-prepared100g

Description Serving Size Qty
Liver pate1 tbsp (13g)
Pate de foie gras1 tbsp (13g)

Description Serving Size Qty
Cheese2 tbsp (30g)
Coconut milk1 cup (226ml)
Curry sauce, dehydrated1 packet (35g)
Fish1 tbsp (20g)
Instant beef gravy, dry1 serve (7g)
Instant chicken gravy, dry1 serve (8g)
Instant pork gravy, dry1 serve (7g)
Instant turkey gravy, dry1 serve (7g)
Mustard, American1 tsp (5g)
Oyster1 tbsp (18g)
Plum1 tbsp (19g)
Salsa2 tbsp (33g)
Soy1 tbsp (16g)
Tabasco1 tsp (5g)
Teriyaki1 tbsp (18g)
Worcestershire1 tbsp (17g)

Soups (tinned)
Description Serving Size Qty
Chicken noodle1 cup (240ml)
Lentil1 cup (242ml)
Minestrone1 cup (240ml)
Pea and ham1 cup (240ml)
Potato and ham chowder1 cup (240ml)
Tomato1 cup (250ml)
Vegetable1 cup (240ml)

Description Serving Size Qty
Butter1 tbsp (14g)
Chocolate2 tbsp (37g)
Honey2 tsp (14g)
Jam2 tsp (20g)
Margarine regular1 tbsp (20gm)
Margarine, reduced fat1 tbsp (20gm)
Mayonnaise2 tbsp (15g)
Peanut butter2 tbsp crunchy (32g)
Vegemite, Marmite, Promite2 tsp (12g)