Is monogamy outdated?Polyamorous relationships between multiple partners could become socially acceptable within a decade according to a controversial BBC investigation.
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Getty ImagesThe 'trophy wife' might be a myth, study findsResearch has found that the "trophy wife" may be an urban legend. Image: GettyYou love your spouse because of DNA: studyA US study has found that spousal attraction is more common in couples with similar DNA. ThinkstockHappiest couples spoon at night: studyThe distance between you and your partner when you're sleeping could provide insights into the... ThinkstockHusband's health more important to happy marriages: studyAs we age, many people's health naturally starts to decline, and researchers now say it could be... Thinkstock'Orgasm machine' delivers climax with push of a buttonSexual dysfunction is a serious problem for many women, and now US scientists believe they have... 'Rent-a-rebound' provides validation and peace of mind for insecure losersA UK company has come to the aid of insecure, recently single people with more disposable income... ThinkstockScientists find 'love spot' in the brainThe parts of the brain responsible for love and lust are very different, according to US... ThinkstockPorn addiction doesn't exist: psychologistPornography addiction is one of the latest conditions to be treated at rehabilitation centres, but... ThinkstockFemale Viagra launchedA herbal pill that manufacturers claim boosts libido and increases arousal in women has been... The woman borrowed her model friend's photos with permission'World's worst woman' gets asked for hundreds of dates because she's prettyA woman who deliberately created a dating profile of "the Worst Woman on Earth" and wrote about the... ThinkstockA quarter of online daters find a long-term matchThe days of online dating being the domain of desperate singles and creepy men are long gone. ThinkstockThe real reason boob jobs enhance people's sex livesWhile breast enhancement surgery might improve a woman's body confidence, it's the fact they've... Romeo Rose, with peacockRacist dater Romeo Rose's noxious TV spotThe man who caused controversy after his bizarre list of dating requirements drew huge online... 'Real Housewives' star defends marital rape advice in controversial new bookReality TV personality Melissa Gorga has defended her marital advice book after it was widely... Austin man Larry Busby Photo: D-listedHopelessly picky 'romantic' has insane list of dating requirementsIt turns out that beggars can indeed be choosers – at least in the case of one US man from Austin... Getty Images'Real Housewives' star advocates marital rape in controversial new bookMelissa Gorga, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, has released a relationship advice... ThinkstockTV show to feature couples having sexBritish couples will enter a soundproofed opaque box to have sex before being interviewed about the... ThinkstockWomen can sniff men's genesWhen it comes to picking a partner, scent helps us determine whether somebody is a good genetic... ThinkstockMen with older brothers more likely to be gay: studyBoys who are born into a family with multiple older brothers are more likely to be homosexual,... GettyIs monogamy outdated?Polyamorous relationships between multiple partners could become socially acceptable within a...
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