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Desiree is the Director of Sexual Health Australia and is a qualified and experienced Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor. Desiree answers female related sex questions for ninemsn Health. ASK ME A QUESTION QUESTION


Not in the mood for sex?There are some physical causes of sexual unresponsiveness, find out what there are...
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Having sex for the first timeI am almost 18 and have never had a boyfriend before and I am worried that once I go to university... Sex after babyMy husband and I have barely had any sex since the birth of our son, five months ago. How can I... Is it normal to have an orgasm just from being tickled?Am I strange? My new boyfriend has a fetish for feet. A few weeks ago I indulged him for the first... Sexual fantasiesI have a question about sexual fantasies. I am a girl, 18 years old, and I was always sure that I'm... Starting a sexual relationship after abuseMy boyfriend and I are looking to begin the sexual phase of our relationship. However, due to... Orgasm through intercourse after child birthHi, ever since I had my daughter three years ago I have not been able to have an orgasm through... Self conscious about vaginaIt has really been bothering me lately and I was wondering if it is a significant flaw to a man for... InfidelityMy partner of three years went on a holiday to the Philippines with a mate, there he had sex with a... Natural lubricantIs there a natural product I can take to help increase my sex drive and increase my sex secretions?... Natural lubricantIs there a natural product I can take to help increase my sex drive and increase my sex secretions?... Difficulties with oral sexMy partner keeps asking me to give him oral sex but whenever I try it makes me feel sick. I just... Sexual fantasyI have a fantasy about having sex quite forcefully but when I try to describe this to my partner it... Difficulty climaxingI get so frustrated during sex. I have never had an orgasm no matter how hard my partner and I try.... Painful sex after an infectionI recently had an infection in my vagina that caused sex to be painful. The infection was diagnosed... A dying marriageI have been married for 28 years I have two children 25 and 22 years of age. I have just started to... Sex addictionI am 48 years old and I have sex at least once a week, but not always with my wife of almost 20... Self-conscious boyfriendI am quite confused about my sex life with my boyfriend. We are very much in love and very... Why don't I lubricate naturally?I am 28 and single, but over the last couple of years the partners I've had have said they have... Differences in libidoI have three children aged two, five and seven years. I enjoy having sex a couple of nights a week... Difficulty reaching orgasmI am 30 years old and still can't orgasm. I am in a great relationship, but only ever get to a...
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