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Perfecting the perineum during pregnancy and birthWonderiong how something as big as a baby's head can really come out of what appears to be a relatively small hole? The good news is there are things you can do to reduce perineal trauma and pain during childbirth.
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GettySleeping on your back increases the risks of a stillbirth: studyPregnant women who sleep on their backs are more likely to have a stillbirth according to a new... Homebirths to become illegal or go 'underground'The option to have a home birth could soon become a thing of the past following new federal... Doulas — are they for you?Giving birth is about a lot more than having a baby; it's about making mothers and growing... Vaginal Birth After CaesareanThere are many reasons a woman may want to have a vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC). Some of... Oxytocin: the hormone of love and birth
Love has long been the domain of poets, artists and philosophers, but it's only in the past 50...
Top five childbirth booksIf you think everyone's an expert when you tell them you're pregnant, wait until you make it into... Real life: "An unplanned home birth"I was five days overdue. I'd been having what I thought were mild contractions on and off all day.... Real life: "I gave birth to fraternal twins vaginally"I gave birth to fraternal twins on January 3, 2007, at roughly 9.30pm after my waters had broken in... Real life: "My IVF son was born by caesarean"Four days after Christmas 2006, our IVF son was born by caesarean. After having an emergency Caesar... Too posh to push? Caesarean versus vaginal deliveryNot so long ago caesarean sections were something to avoid unless there was an emergency. These... Incontinence: pregnancy and birthIt's estimated that around 40 percent of women experience some incontinence during pregnancy and up... Preparing for birthWhile nothing can prepare you for the real experience of labour, it helps to be informed as much as... Breech babiesBreech deliveries are, basically, where your baby positions itself for birth with his or her feet... Delivering your baby by caesarean sectionIn today's day and age, around 20 percent of babies are being born by caesarean section, through an... Signs that your baby is on his or her wayFor most mothers-to-be, it's not a complete surprise when labour pains begin. Nine months of... The nitty-gritty FAQ of birthLike love, there is so much portrayed in the media about labour, and passed down through hearsay,... What to pack for the hospitalYou might not choose to have a hospital birth, but it is still an idea to pack a holdall with items... ChildbirthAs the pregnancy nears its conclusion the expectant mother experiences contractions in her uterus.... 14 ways to have an easier labourThe thought of going into labour can be a scary prospect. But there's no need to pass out before... Celebrity pregnancy myth bustersCelebrities get pregnant in their fourties, so why shouldn't I? Caesarean or a home birth? Perfecting the perineum during pregnancy and birthThe perineum is a very important part of a woman's body and it plays a special role during...
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