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Leah Hechtman: fertility expert

Leah is the Director of The Natural Health and Fertility Centre in Sydney , where she specialises in male and female fertility and reproductive health. She is passionate about helping couples make healthy babies. ASK ME A QUESTION


Bleeding: the reassuring truthWhile it's natural to worry, one in 10 mums-to-be experiences bleeding, and most will go on to have a perfectly healthy baby. However, any bleeding should always be checked out...
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Does having an orgasm help you get pregnant?I have heard that having an orgasm helps you get pregnant. Is there any truth in this? Sexual positions for conceiving a babyI am wondering if there are any particular sexual positions that are best for trying to conceive?... Gestational diabetesI'm almost 28 weeks pregnant and have only gained 4kg. It's my third child and I am going through a... The morning after pillI had unprotected sex after forgetting to take one contraceptive pill and took the morning-after... Morning sicknessI am pregnant (according to the test) but my only symptom has been sore breasts. I have already had... Time it takes to conceiveI suffered a miscarriage in July and have found that my period cycles are yet to go back to normal.... Help falling pregnant naturallyI am 39 years old and have polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and cysts in the thyroid. How can I... Irregular periods after a miscarriageI suffered a miscarriage in July and have found that my period cycles are yet to go back to normal.... Weight loss and pregnancyI am 120kg and pregnant. Can I still lose weight while pregnant? I don't want to lose too much I... Fertility and body weightI was just wondering if being underweight can hinder the chances of falling pregnant?

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