Post-natal depressionPost-natal depression is a mood disorder which affects one in seven women who have had a baby, which equates to up to 50,000 women each year in Australia. It is an illness, not a character flaw.
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Breast milk sharing on the riseBreast milk sharing is experiencing a revival, with Australian mothers using online communities to... Am I infertile?After having spent years taking every possible precaution to make sure you don't become pregnant,... Donating spermIn these very different cases, the desire to have a baby was answered by using donor sperm to... IVF: an emotional journeyInfertility treatments can be draining, physically and mentally, so get ready for a wild ride. . Secondary infertilityYou fell pregnant so easily before, so how come it's not happening this time? The truth is that... What could be wrong?While it's generally believed that one in every six couples will have a hard time conceiving, some... Cuddling premature babies is good for their healthResearchers have found that premature babies benefit from skin-to-skin contact with their parents. Common infections may be to blame for cot deathsResearchers have found that sudden infant death syndrome may be caused by common bacterial... Coping with a severe case of morning sicknessMost pregnant women experience the nausea of "morning sickness", but in some cases the condition... Understanding miscarriageThe story of Jana Horska miscarrying in a NSW hospital toilet gripped the public's attention in... Real life: "I gave birth to a stillborn daughter"My first born, a beautiful baby girl, was stillborn. I was six days overdue when on December 2,... Ectopic pregnancyEctopic pregnancies happen very occasionally, in about one of every 60 pregnancies. Whereas in a... Top six problems of pregnancyFor Jessica Rowe, life as a breakfast television host can be pretty full-on at times. She gets up... Illness in newbornsMedical experts have compiled a checklist of seven signs that mothers and healthcare workers can... Antenatal depressionAsk any pregnant woman how she feels and often the answer will be one of exasperation. "Ugh, I feel... Donor insemination (DI)Overcoming doubts
In many ways, physically at least, male infertility is...
Fertility treatments - in vitro fertilisation (IVF)In vitro means "in glass" and that is where conception takes place — in a petri dish, using... GIFT Fertility treatmentsWhat is GIFT?
The initials GIFT stand for gamete intra-fallopian transfer...
Older mums: the pros and the consBabies these days are more likely to have a mum who is over the age of 30. In fact, the proportion... Emotional rollercoaster: unplanned pregnancyWatching the lines materialise into a positive reading on a white plastic pregnancy stick can be...
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