What's the key to happiness?Health & Wellbeing asked the speakers of the world's largest forum on human happiness what they believe is the key to happiness.
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Image: Getty ImagesEmail stress could damage our heartsJust looking at emails is enough to increase blood pressure and stress hormone levels, which can... Image: Getty ImagesHow trying to be happy could make you lonelyReading self-help books, seeing psychologists and going to seminars might seem to hold the key for... Image: Getty Images'Nightcap' destroys sleep quality: studyA glass or red or a nip of scotch might help you fall asleep, but new research shows drinking... The unpleasant explanation for bags under our eyesNon-stop parties, late-night shopping and mountains of food-preparation are hallmarks of the... Why relaxing gives some people anxietyWhile plenty of people are counting the days to the Christmas break, for some the idea of chilling... Image: ThinkstockSoon we may sleep only four hours a nightNot enough hours in the day to get everything done? That could all change with a new discovery by... Britney and boyfriend Jason TrawickHow Britney Spears got her life backBritney Spears is bringing sexy back! As she kicks off her European tour, here’s the 10 things she... The girl's guide to getting over guiltModern living's increasingly complex for women being pulled in a dozen different directions. Sadly,... Top 10 tips for a good nights' sleepSydney sleep specialist, Veli Solyali of Get Well! East sydney shares his top tips for a great... Eight secrets to feeling happyA new book, Still 25 Inside by Lindsey Agness, reveals the eight secrets to feeling happy, healthy... 'Nudism helped me love my body'Visiting a nudist resort helped Kerry Haitt accept her body — and revive her marriage. Kate Middleton using Kiwi bee venom 'like Botox'Kate Middleton may have been using venom from Kiwi bees as a face treatment, similar to Botox, in... Introduction to meditationMeditation often creates an image of a person sitting in the lotus position, levitating in a cloud... Meditation stronger than morphine for pain reliefResearchers in the US have found that an hour of meditation can reduce pain by nearly half and also... Five ways to be happier todayWe're told that we can't find happiness in a bigger bank balance or in a smaller dress size. So if... Plan your holiday like a proOrganising a luscious holiday can be almost as much fun as actually going on one. But we've all had... Feng Shui in the BedroomThe ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") draws upon the philosophical belief... Proof that meditiation worksMeditation can help put your mind at ease as it rewires part of the brain that regulates behavior... Stress less at your deskDid you know that approximately 7.7 million Australians spend one-quarter to one-third of their... 8 ways to get a better night's sleepDo you rely on an alarm clock to wake up each morning?
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