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10 ways to boost your sex driveIt's normal to have fluctuations in sexual desire but there are lifestyle factors which can make a big difference. Health & Wellbeing have found 10 ways to keep your sex drive running at its peak.
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iStockBut first, let me take a selfie: Men who post more photos online likely to be psychopathsNew research from Ohio State University (OSU) has found that men who post the most selfies score... Getty ImagesThe simple lifestyle mistakes that could be making men infertileIt seems even the smallest lifestyle choices can significantly affect men's fertility, with a... Getty ImagesMale pattern baldness linked to aggressive prostate cancer risk: studyGoing bald is no longer just a sign you're getting on a bit — according to US researchers, it... Getty ImagesMan in the mirror: the rise of the male body image crisisFor some time, the conversation around body image and dissatisfaction has centred on women, meaning... Getty ImagesVasectomy could increase risk of aggressive prostate cancerVasectomies have been linked with an increased risk for advanced or lethal prostate cancer in a new... ThinkstockAussie men weigh 7kg more than in the ’80sThe average Australian man now weighs 86kg, which is 6.5kg heavier than in 1985, thanks to our... Courtesy: Hammacher Schlemmer'Smart pillow' stops people snoringThere's nothing worse than sleeping next to a snorer, spending broken nights elbowing and prodding... Man cleanse: Revitalise without the hungerA juice cleanse might not sound like the most manly thing to do, but it could be just what a bloke... ThinkstockTaking testosterone increases heart attack riskAustralian men spend $17 million a year on testosterone prescriptions, often prompted by ads or... ThinkstockSwitch off the TV to help your sperm countMen who watch more than 20 hours of TV a week have a 44 percent lower sperm concentration than... ThinkstockSperm counts down 40 percent, but Aussie expert says there is no need to worrySpanish research suggests sperm quality has dropped by almost 40 percent in the past decade, but an... ThinkstockMen who don't brush their teeth more likely to suffer erectile problemsMen who neglect their dental care and get gum disease are three times more likely to suffer... One of Dr Darryl Hodgkinson's gynaecomastia patientsBefore and after: Manboob reductions and calf implantsWhile cosmetic surgery has long been popular with women, men are having procedures in greater... Men: What carbs should you be eating?Depending on your training regime or ultimate exercise goal, the correct carbohydrates to consume... How to get 'core fitness'It's a buzz word that's thrown around the gym more often than a sweaty towel, but what is core... 7 ways to be a super manEveryone knows that one frustratingly perfect man; the guy who can squat 120k and gets that... How to master self-controlExperts have discovered that the ability to exercise self-control is one of the keys to the good... How to burn 1,000 calories - fastIt's a buzz word that's thrown around the gym more often than a sweaty towel, but what is core... Eat to beat your hangoverThe fabled hangover cure: surrounded by a whirlwind of old wives' tales, tall stories, theories... Blokes: set your goals for 2012Behaviour expert Dr Pam Spurr helps you change your life.
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