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ThinkstockDouble mastectomy doesn't improve breast cancer survival rates: studyContrary to popular belief, having both breasts removed may not improve women's chances of... Getty ImagesHalf of young women don't know where their vagina isHalf of young women surveyed in the UK couldn't identify a vagina in a medical diagram, causing... Getty ImagesBenefits of HPV vaccine in jeopardy over neglected pap smearsAustralian women who have been vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) are neglecting... Getty ImagesVolunteering makes older adults happier and healthierWhether you're planting trees, working in a soup kitchen or spending time at a local nursing home,... Getty ImagesHow your home can tell scientists who you areEven if you haven't finished unpacking boxes, within 24 hours of moving into a new home, US... Getty ImagesHave we got the cause of depression all wrong?For years, doctors have attributed depression to an imbalance of serotonin, a chemical messenger... Getty Images'Vegetable glow' is sexier than a suntanEating the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables daily induced a healthy glow perceived... ThinkstockOne in four diabetes patients at risk of distress and depression: studyManaging diabetes can be an arduous task, with many patients having to do finger prick tests to... ThinkstockSmoking weed linked with reduced domestic violenceIn news that probably comes as no surprise to most, a US study has found married couples who smoke... ThinkstockWeight loss surgery could reduce dementia risk: studyStomach stapling and gastric bands not only help people lose weight and reduce their heart disease... Getty ImagesPrenatal exposure to antidepressants could increase risk of ADHDExposure to antidepressants in the womb may be linked to an increased risk of developing attention... Getty ImagesBack to the future: workers are happier with robots in controlOrganisations who want to get the most out of their staff might like to consider giving robots more... Getty ImagesEye implant means end of reading glasses is in sightOlder people who struggle to read things close up or can't read in dim light may not have to wear... ThinkstockChildren with autism have too many brain synapses: studyWhen we're babies, our brains go through a rapid synapse development phase to help our neurons send... ThinkstockMen with sisters less likely to care for elderly parentsElderly people requiring care can thank their lucky stars if they had a daughter — a US study... ThinkstockMcDonald’s turns to celebrity chefs in an attempt to boost salesEating healthy has never been more popular and these days, it seems you're just as likely to see a... ThinkstockSmoking in pregnancy affects grandchildren's healthAdding to the plethora of reasons why pregnant women ought to quit smoking, a new study has found... ThinkstockYoga boosts brain function in the elderly: studyIf you want to boost your brain power well into old age, try doing hatha yoga a few times a week. ThinkstockLucky country: City kids 'more likely to suffer food allergies than country kids'Inner city children are more likely to suffer food allergies than those who live in rural areas,... Live LighterVictorian state government aims to curb obesity through graphic campaignA graphic campaign aimed at curbing obesity has been launched by Victoria's Minister for Health...
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