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ThinkstockMen with sisters less likely to care for elderly parentsElderly people requiring care can thank their lucky stars if they had a daughter — a US study... ThinkstockMcDonald’s turns to celebrity chefs in an attempt to boost salesEating healthy has never been more popular and these days, it seems you're just as likely to see a... ThinkstockSmoking in pregnancy affects grandchildren's healthAdding to the plethora of reasons why pregnant women ought to quit smoking, a new study has found... ThinkstockYoga boosts brain function in the elderly: studyIf you want to boost your brain power well into old age, try doing hatha yoga a few times a week. ThinkstockLucky country: City kids 'more likely to suffer food allergies than country kids'Inner city children are more likely to suffer food allergies than those who live in rural areas,... Live LighterVictorian state government aims to curb obesity through graphic campaignA graphic campaign aimed at curbing obesity has been launched by Victoria's Minister for Health... Getty ImagesBabies on antibiotics could have higher risk of obesity: studyPrescribing long courses of antibiotics to babies and toddlers could make them more likely to be... Getty ImagesSo long, jet lag: scientists identify gene responsible for disrupted sleepScientists have identified a master gene responsible for regulating the body's sleep cycles that... ThinkstockTick, tock: clock sounds make women more stressed about their biological clockWomen worried about their ticking biological clocks would do well to remove ticking clocks from... The Heart Foundation says outdoor play is crucial for helping kids avoid obesityPre-schoolers already at risk of heart disease and diabetesKids who are overweight or obese in pre-school could already have risk factors for diabetes and... ThinkstockHand sanitisers don't stop kids getting sick: studyUsing hand sanitisers in classrooms doesn't reduce the number of sick days kids have, according to... Getty ImagesDiscussing STIs with your GP could be a thing of the pastAustralians could soon skip an appointment with their GP if an online testing program for sexually... ThinkstockNew gene discovery could hold key to some childhood cancersUS scientists believe they've discovered a gene involved in a number of childhood cancers, which... BBCBoy has ears created from his own ribsAsk any nine-year-old boy what they want most in the world, and few would answer "a big pair of... ThinkstockRestaurants just as bad for health as fast food: studyWhen you visualise a poor diet, you probably imagine a burger and fries before you think about a... ThinkstockHPV cases reduced, even in those who haven't been vaccinated: studyRates of human papilloma virus (HPV) have reduced in Australia, even amongst those who haven't had... ThinkstockNewsroom journalists at risk of post-traumatic stress disorderIt's no secret that war correspondents subject themselves to extremely stressful experiences that... ThinkstockSunlight crucial for warding off dementiaPeople with vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to develop dementia according to UK... ThinkstockTaking aspirin could cut cancer riskPopping an aspirin a day could keep cancer away, according to UK researchers. Getty ImagesHow sweets became 'health food'Kit Kats, Coco Pops and Tiny Teddies are being advertised to Australian children as 'healthy',...
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