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Getty ImagesAmbulance about-face: treating heart attack patients with oxygen could be dangerousParamedics around the world will need to change the way they treat heart attack patients after an... Getty ImagesGay gene discovery: X chromosome involved in homosexualityGenes on two chromosomes could influence men's sexual preferences, according to a US researcher who... Getty ImagesEat less to age better: Cutting calories keeps brains switched on in old ageCutting your daily calories won't just shrink your clothing size — scientists have suggested... Getty ImagesSlip, slop, slap? Sunscreen could be causing fertility issuesMen who hope to become fathers soon may want to cover up or sit in the shade rather than slather... A terrible, terrible person worked at this desk. Pic: GettyA clean desk could make you a better personIf your car, house and workspace are clean and tidy, you might just find yourself in a mood to... ABC News'Vacation breasts' let you try a boob job before you buyA New York doctor has developed a technique that allows women to see how they'd look with a breast... Australian Broadcasting CorporationCould cooking with butter be the key to healthy eating? ABC's Catalyst explores the low-carb, high-fat dietWhat if everything we've been told about healthy eating is wrong? That's the question posed in an... Getty ImagesCan you suck your way skinny? Weight loss lollipops just another fad diet that doesn't work"Weight loss" and "fun" rarely go in the same sentence, so we guess you've got to hand it to the... Getty ImagesForget coffee – Americans are using electric shocks to the brain to wake them upWhether it's studying for an upcoming exam or prepping for a marathon meeting, the idea of... Getty ImagesHuman mind-control device successfully alters genes in miceIn some science that seems like it's straight out of Brave New World, bioengineers at ETH... Getty ImagesDrinking in moderation only safe for 15 percent of the population — have you got the 'safe drinking' gene?If you love a glass of red after a long day, then you've probably been stoked with studies that... Getty ImagesSurvey says teen girls stressing over cyber bullying — and the economyThe state of the economy is not just a bother for bankers &mdashl; teenage girls seem to be... Getty ImagesNothing to sneeze at: Pollen count set to rise by 200 percent in next 100 yearsSorry if you're a sufferer of the springtime sniffles — new research suggests it's set to get... Getty ImagesUp in smoke: Second hand smoke could be responsible for weight gainNew research suggests smokers aren't the only ones at risk — a study from Utah's Brigham... Getty ImagesCrash-test dummies to pack on the pounds as it's revealed Aussies are getting too fat for public transportIn the US, crash-test dummies used to test transport safety features are undergoing an unflattering... Here's how to avoid catching the flu on a flightA team of researchers ANSYS, a company specialising in simulation software, have meticulously... Getty ImagesAussie women spend 139 minutes more on housework every day than menAustralian ladies, you spend almost two-and-a-half hours more than men doing household chores every... Getty ImagesHealth hacks that could be doing you more harm than goodWe do a lot to take care of our bodies during the day, but what if treating your body like a temple... Getty ImagesMore sex could prevent prostate cancer for straight men: studyMen who have sex with more than 20 women in their lifetime have a significantly lower risk of... Getty ImagesMaking mistakes can help your memoryAccording to tests conducted by a Canadian researcher, "near-miss" mistakes, where you think of...
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