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Getty ImagesWould you like a rejuvenated vagina? New internal laser therapy promises to boost women's sex livesWhether you're feeling a bit different post-childbirth or menopause has left you with issues "down... Getty ImagesBinge-watching TV series signals depression and lonelinessIf you're gearing up for a big weekend of binge-watching the latest season of your favourite TV... Getty ImagesNot so sweet: Excess soft drink consumption causes girls to get their period earlier, increases breast cancer riskGirls who excessively consume sugary drinks start their periods earlier than those who go softer on... Getty ImagesPersonalities predict lifespan: Your mates are better at guessing how long you might liveYour morning green smoothie is all well and good in the pursuit of long life, but if you have... Getty ImagesCoffee the cancer fighter: Could your morning caffeine hit save you from skin cancer?Slip, slop … sip on a coffee? Getty Images'Social jetlag': The new health buzzword that explains why you can't lose weightIf you spend your weekdays running on empty, counting down the days until the weekend when you can... Getty ImagesMake a health pact: Couples who quit smoking together have more successIf quitting smoking is your 2015 resolution and your partner still smokes, then you ought to try... Getty ImagesFormer Biggest Loser contestant slams show: "The whole f- -king show is a fat-shaming disaster that I’m embarrassed to have participated in"A former US Biggest Loser contestant has broken her contract to spill about how brutal being... Source: Skin Gym Face Fitness'Face fitness' promises to keep you looking young, but does it work?Drop and give me 20 … air kisses, darling! Pics: Getty ImagesThe everyday medical mysteries science can't solveThanks to medical science, we can transplant organs, faces and hands, vaccinate against previously... Getty ImagesGet a move on: Lack of exercise kills twice as many people as obesity, study findsUK researchers have found it's lack of movement, not just obesity, that triggers early deaths... Pics: Getty ImagesThe science of fartingAs Japanese author Minna Unch reminded us, Everyone Poops. And where there's fire, there must be... Getty ImagesRead to kids before bed: that's when they learn fastestBedtime stories do more for kids than entertain — it turns out, infants' capacity for... Getty ImagesNo sweat: Australians more likely to die in winter than summerWhen heat waves strike, health experts are quick to warn us about the importance of keeping cool,... Getty ImagesNot so sun-smart: Too much sun could reduce your fertilityIf you've always dreamed of a big brood then you might want to up the ante on your slip, slop, slap... Getty ImagesControversial Danish research links circumcision to autismHealth experts have slammed new research that suggests boys who undergo routine circumcision are... iStockBreaking up is hard to do, but new study says dwelling on it may help you recover fasterA new study out of Northwestern University has found that repeatedly reflecting on a break-up... Getty Images12-year study dispels any cause for concern over safety of measles vaccinesA just-released 12-year study conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Centre in Oakland,... iStockResolution revelation: Science discovers the secret to quitting smoking — but it only works for womenIt turns out the menstrual cycle could be key in the quest to quit smoking. Image courtesy of Daily SabahTake the stairs instead: Turkish governor restricts elevator use in the fight against obesityTurkish governor Dursun Ali Sahin has restricted the use of elevators in public buildings in an...
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