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Getty ImagesCrash-test dummies to pack on the pounds as it's revealed Aussies are getting too fat for public transportIn the US, crash-test dummies used to test transport safety features are undergoing an unflattering... Here's how to avoid catching the flu on a flightA team of researchers ANSYS, a company specialising in simulation software, have meticulously... Getty ImagesAussie women spend 139 minutes more on housework every day than menAustralian ladies, you spend almost two-and-a-half hours more than men doing household chores every... Getty ImagesHealth hacks that could be doing you more harm than goodWe do a lot to take care of our bodies during the day, but what if treating your body like a temple... Getty ImagesMore sex could prevent prostate cancer for straight men: studyMen who have sex with more than 20 women in their lifetime have a significantly lower risk of... Getty ImagesMaking mistakes can help your memoryAccording to tests conducted by a Canadian researcher, "near-miss" mistakes, where you think of... Getty ImagesWorking with your body clock could make medication more effectiveScientists at Pennsylvania University are pinpointing at what time of day genes in certain organs... Getty ImagesDecaf coffee could be key to liver healthResearchers from the National Cancer Institute in the US examined data from the National Health and... Getty ImagesCash register receipts potentially exposing shoppers to BPAThermal paper, sometimes used in printing cash register receipts, could potentially expose us to... Getty ImagesWe need syringe programs in prison to stop Hep C: ResearcherAustralian prisoners are renting and selling syringes that are shared between up to 15 people, and... Instagram: amareisrealCleopatra can keep her milk bath: Is bathing in red wine answer to a quick recovery?Bathing in red wine sounds like an ideal Friday night, but it's the therapy being touted by one... Getty ImagesBattle of the sexes in the battle of the bulge: male and female brains react to fat differentlyResearchers found that differences between the male and female brain lead to greater inflammation... Getty ImagesPacking on the pounds: Rapid weight loss just as good as slow and steady in maintaining weightWe're often told that if you want to maintain weight loss long-term, it's important to take a... Getty ImagesQuitting smoking boosts cancer survival chances, even if you've already got itQuitting smoking upon receiving a cancer diagnosis could mean the difference between life and death... Getty ImagesAvoid the 'fat table': Where you sit in a restaurant could be sabotaging your dietIf you're watching your weight and eating out, it would be worth choosing a well-lit table by a... Getty ImagesStress and the sexes: How men and women freak out differentlyAnyone who has witnessed their partner stress out will attest to the fact that men and women seem... Getty ImagesA small helping of yoghurt could be key in detecting colorectal cancerA simple serving of yoghurt could soon replace uncomfortable colonoscopies in detecting colorectal... Getty ImagesRest up: Sleep deprivation makes us immoralBe careful making big decisions if you've had a sleepless night — US research suggests that... Getty ImagesSmashed schoolies: A fifth of Schoolies blowing 0.08 on breath-testsWith HSC exams starting today, local experts are warning teenagers about the dangers of getting... Getty ImagesMen twice as likely to die from weak bonesMen are twice as likely to die from hip fractures as women, prompting experts to warn men to look...
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