Why the Australian Outback Marathon should be on your bucket listThe first run of its kind here, the Australian Outback Marathon is in its fourth year and brings in just under 300 runners for the 42.2km, 21.1km, 11km and 6km events in some of the most breathtaking surroundings imaginable.
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ThinkstockPick a rival to improve your running performance: studyEntering a fun run? Pick a rival and try to beat them, suggest researchers who found that runners... ThinkstockExercise can prevent fluSpend at least two-and-a-half hours exercising at a high intensity each week and you'll have less... ThinkstockInactivity changes the brainIt's no secret that lounging on the couch all day changes our physical appearance, turning firm... 10 essential six-pack tipsA six-pack is the ultimate sign of fitness and strength both physically and mentally, because... GettyLauren Jackson's best work-out secretsAs Australia's star basketballer Lauren Jackson, 31, takes time out to recover from injury, she... 'I wish I had cancer': Australian man's mystery illness baffles doctorsFor Phillip Hancock, a cancer diagnosis would be a relief. ThinkstockGet fitter quicker – why sprint training is the health solution for the time poorForget training for hours on end every week –– UK scientists have found just three 30-minute... The science behind Lance Armstrong's crimesArmstrong's cheating methods included a number of complex strategies you may have heard but not... Woman sucks fat from stomach using controversial new weight-loss pumpIt is the latest in extreme dieting — a personal stomach device that can cut calories by pumping... Four quick strolls a week reduces risk of early death: studyElderly people who take a 15-minute walk four times a week reduce their risk of an early death by... Most searched exercises of 2012Google's newly released search data has revealed what exercises you searched for most in 2012. How to set New Year's resolutions you can keep!How many times have you set a goal and not kept it? Whether you promise to start exercising, find a... ThinkstockCriticise your man to help him lose weightWomen who take a hardline approach to their husbands' expanding waistlines have a better chance of... Getty ImagesTVs in kids' bedrooms doubles obesity riskKids who watch TV in their bedrooms are twice as likely to be overweight and have almost three... ThinkstockCity exercise could make you dumberTraffic, crowds and obstacles aren't the only things joggers need to be aware of when pounding the... Paul Nunnari at the Sydney Opera House (video below)Wheelchair-bound man scales ceilingA wheelchair-bound former paralympian stunned onlookers by scaling a 20-metre ribbon suspended from... Image: ThinkstockBeer bellies can cause brittle bonesBig bellies don't just put men at risk of heart disease and diabetes, it now seems they can... Man's 100-day rejection challenge fails in the best way possibleA US businessman is trying to overcome his crippling fear of rejection by being making a crazy... Image: GettyWeak teens could face shorter lifeLow muscle strength during male adolescence has been linked to early death in a long-term Swedish... Image: ThinkstockWhat's the best time to exercise?Didn't make it to they gym this morning? That's ok, we investigated the best time to schedule your...
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