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Complete guide to PilatesIf there's one exercise style that has taken the fitness world by storm in the last decade it's Pilates. Everyone is doing it — from dancers to footballers — and the benefits are said to be as much mental as they are physical. So should you give it a go?
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Luke Jacobz: "My new lease on life"We sat down with Luke to chat about his new healthy attitude and how his fitness focus has... Get bikini-body ready, the celeb wayAre you terrified of the two-piece? With a super-hot spring already here and summer just around the... Easy Tone runners misleadingCan you get great legs and a better butt just by changing your shoes? Or is it just a big con? How Hollywood's hottest bodies stay in shapeDo you long for abs like Gwen Stefani, arms like Jennifer Aniston, or legs like Cameron Diaz?... Get Jessica Biel's bodyHot celeb trainer Valerie Waters gets Hollywood's hottest butts, including starlett Jessica Biel,... 47-year-old Demi happy with her bodyDemi Moore has admitted that she had an "extreme obsession" with her body but is finally, at 47,... Reese Witherspoon regularly does interval training outdoorsInterval training cuts hours off exercise timeInterval training is a high-intensity work-out which uses extreme bursts of energy. This gives you... Hollywood's biggest fitness fanaticsAt what lengths do these celebrities go to in order to achieve their perfectly-toned bodies? Watch... Glam girls workout tooGlam girls keep fit too
Glamorous dresses, picture perfect make-up and teetering heels; do...
Stars workout playlistsEver wondered what music helps Jennifer Aniston perfect a downward dog, or what powers Rihanna... Matt McConaughey strikes a poseOne of Hollywood’s biggest heart throbs, Matthew McConaughey is no stranger to posing for the... Quick sticks workoutsIt's no secret that life today is busier than ever. Between working, running a household and... Young Hollywood's workoutsNot all of Hollywood's young stars are snapped falling out of glitzy clubs and bars. When it comes... Madonna's trainer talks workouts for busy peopleUsing the 'I'm too busy' for exercise line is one we all use from time to time. But keeping fit... Hollywood health insiderIf you spend half the time in the movies wondering how the screen stars stay in shape rather than... Workout like PinkJust like us, she's on and off at the gym, but that doesn't stop Pink from having a great bikini... Fergie's hot bod — pre wedding blitzFergie's trainer Natasha Kufa is responsible for getting her body into tip-top shape, and they... Halle Berry's post-baby workoutCelebrity trainer Ramona Braganza has been responsible for getting some of Hollywood's best bodies... Meet pilates trainer to the stars Mari WinsorWith so many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Meg Ryan, and... Singer LeAnn Rimes divulges secrets to her killer bikini bodyThe American country music and pop singer LeAnn Rimes reveals to Fitnessmagazine how she got her... Hollywood's post-baby fadsAs Hollywood welcomes a new crop of celebrity mums, you can guarantee the race is on to see who can... Celebrity personal trainers to the A-listersHot celebrity personal trainer Patrick Murphy has been the body behind hot housewife Eva Longoria...
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