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Drop a drink, drop a dress sizeThink that nightly glass (or two) of wine won't expand your waistline? Think again! Alcohol's impact on weight is off the scale, says Karen Fittall.
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ThinkstockMammograms could cause more harm than good in older women: expertsDoctors are questioning the benefits of mammograms for women aged over 75. Four surprising skin sinsWhile we're aware of the effects sun exposure, bad diet and stress can have on our skin, experts... ThinkstockMental health issues missed by doctors in most suicidesWith the death of television personality Charlotte Dawson this week, many Australians have been... ThinkstockWoman suffered five-day clitoris erection after taking antidepressantsMen are not the only ones who can suffer from painful, long-lasting erections – in rare cases,... Getty ImagesMammograms don't reduce risk of death: studyDeath rates from breast cancer are the same for women who have mammograms as for those who don't,... Image: CatersGirl with Down syndrome learns by copying twin sisterA British girl with Down syndrome is thriving after mimicking her twin sister Nigella's development. Courtesy: VimeoParents share video of 10-day life of baby they knew would dieWhen Zion Isaiah Blick was born on January 11, his family knew they would not have many days with... Louise Turner, who survived breast cancer. Photo: SuppliedFive things nobody tells you about getting a double mastectomyThere's no doubt having both breasts removed to treat or prevent breast cancer is be a harrowing... Sharon Osbourne, Christina Applegate, and Angelina Jolie have all undergone preventative surgery.Who should have preventative breast cancer surgery?The news of Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy is likely to encourage other women to be tested for... ThinkstockWeight loss boosts libidoOverweight women who want to improve their chances of having a baby are often advised to lose... 10 surprising health factsThere is so much information around when it comes to health and fitness that it can be difficult to... 7 ways to be a wonder womanWe all know that woman who jumps out of bed and instantly looks glamorous yet subtly casual; that... Breast cancer under 30: know your riskRecently, former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall died after a battle with breast cancer. She was 28 years... What we can learn from the boys about healthWomen do tend to outlive their partners and are, very generally, the healthier sex, but that... Domestic abuseReports of the alleged assault of Rachael Taylor by actor Matthew Newton shocked Australians. But... World Osteoporosis DayNew research released today on World Osteoporosis Day shows 1 in 2 Australians over 40 are worried... Jean Kittson, ambassador for Ovarian Cancer AustraliaTeal Ribbon Day busts ovarian cancer mythsFebruary 24th is Teal Ribbon Day, an initiative of Ovarian Cancer Australia which aims to educate... GettyThe morning after pillDon't panic. If you've forgotten your pill, or the condom has broken, there is something you can do... Avoid back pain caused by computer usageHow you use your computer can be a major cause of back, neck and shoulder pain. Poor posture while... Victoria Beckam: jet-setting to ill healthIs it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's far more glamorous than that. It's jet-setting queen Victoria...
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