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Celebs who quit smokingBeing famous doesn't make you immune to addiction, and these celebrities know just how hard quitting can be. Read on for some famous quitters – and how they did it...
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ThinkstockWhy some people can't quit smokingNo matter how many times they try, some smokers struggle to quit, and now US researchers believe... Getty ImagesPaying people to quit smoking works: studyOffering people small financial incentives to adopt healthy behaviours can boost motivation,... ThinkstockThe most effective ways to turn yourself off smokingWhen it comes to quitting smoking, most people need a multi-faceted approach to keep them motivated... The twin on the left smoked for 17 years longer than the right. Image: Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryIdentical twins study shows smokers age quickerWe know that smoking speeds up ageing, but now a study into twins has shown just how bad the habit... ThinkstockE-cigarettes as effective as patches for quitting smoking: studyElectronic cigarettes, the plastic, cigarette-like cylinders that produce a vapour when sucked on,... Image: ThinkstockMore than 200,000 underage teenagers take up smoking every year: UK charityNew figures estimate that 207,000 11- to 15-year-olds take up smoking every year in the UK. Image: ThinkstockPassive smoking increases dementia riskBeing surrounded by cigarette smoke increases the risk of dementia, according to new research. Image: ThinkstockWomen who are light smokers double the risk of sudden death: studySmoking just one cigarette a day doubles a woman's chance of sudden death, according to a large... Image: Getty ImagesWhy smoking gives you a worse hangoverFor some party-goers, a night on the booze is incomplete without a cigarette, but new US research... ThinkstockCheck your baby's chance of obesity with a two-minute online testResearchers have developed a simple five-question online test to determine a baby's risk of... ThinkstockSmoking rots brain: studySmoking damages memory, learning and reasoning according to a UK study of almost 9000 people aged... ThinkstockWhy telling us no makes us want to do things more'No smoking' signs might be common in public places, but new research suggests our unconscious mind... Image: ThinkstockSmoking during pregnancy can pass asthma to grandchildren: studyIt's no secret that smoking during pregnancy can pose health risks to babies, but US scientists... Image: ThinkstockWomen who quit smoking by 30 have 97 percent less health risksIn the largest-ever study into the effects of smoking on women's health, UK researchers have found... Image: ThinkstockThe dangers of smoking near childrenHealth experts have warned smokers about the damage they're doing to their own bodies, but new... Image: ThinkstockQuit for your cash flowSmoking cigarettes isn’t a wise financial move - but it could be worse, you could simply be... Image: ThinkstockSmart smoking swapsHere's how to break the smoking habit once and for all with effective strategies for dealing with... Getty ImagesHow I quit my 20-a-day habitMaria*, 26, was a heavy smoker for five years but found the motivation to quit after falling for a... Image: Getty ImagesHow smoking damages your love lifeThere's nothing sexy about bad breath, stained fingernails and a total disregard for your partner's... Image: Getty ImagesSeven things to do instead of smokingWant to really quit this time? You're going to need distraction.
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