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Which cooking oils are healthiest?Oils ain't oils. Don't know your flaxseed from your rice bran? Read on. We pressed the experts for the insider info on cooking oils.
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ThinkstockBrush your teeth – or risk a heart attackThe build-up of bacteria that comes from not brushing your teeth doesn't just cause bad breath and... ThinkstockCutting sleep leads to serious health problemsWe all know that smoking and being overweight are sure steps towards sickness and early death, but... ThinkstockMost asthma deaths could be prevented: reportTwo thirds of asthma deaths could be prevented with the right medical care, according to a report... ThinkstockHow old is your heart? Researchers create online test to determine heart attack and stroke riskYou know your chronological age, but your heart might tell a different story. ThinkstockFormula increases breastfeeding success for small newborns: studyUS researchers believe that supplementing underweight babies' breast milk with formula could help... Getty ImagesMan flu is a myth: Australian scientistsWomen might be quick to pick on men for feigning illness with the "man flu", but new Australian... Getty'Healthy' fruit juice is damaging our kids teeth, dentists warnThe British Dental Association has urged parents to stop giving their children juices and smoothies... ThinkstockWhistle to help babies toilet train by nine months: studyWhistling when your baby shows signs they need to relieve themselves could be the key to younger... ThinkstockADHD rates up by a quarter in the past decade: studyThe number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has risen by... GettyShould parents snoop in their kids' phones?Parents should keep tabs on their children's mobile phone and internet use to protect them from... ThinkstockKids spoilt by parents who pay for uni get worse gradesParents who fund their kids through university might think they're aiding their education, but US... Change how you sit to feel happyA new study has shown that keeping your chin up, shoulders straight and chest out could make you... Getty ImagesBoys hitting puberty up to two years earlierBoys are hitting puberty six months to two years earlier than they used to, according to US... Babies on antibiotics more likely to be overweight children: studyTreating infants with antibiotics could increase their chances of being overweight as older... Image: ThinkstockCan antibacterial soap give you a heart attack?While plenty of people reach for antibacterial soaps, gels and wipes to destroy germs, scientists... Ways to cut down your drinkingMost people are aware of the need to have a limited alcoholic intake. Women should have no more... Image: ThinkstockGrief is not an illnessShould grief be classified as a mental illness? Editors from The Lancet, a highly regarded... Have a chat on R U OK? DaySeptember 15th is R U OK? Day, which aims to stop little problems becoming fatal ones by simply by... Australian kids lack calciumNew CSIRO research suggests that only one in five Australian primary school children are eating the... Nutrition for active kidsChildren who are growing and playing sport have a significant increase in nutrient requirements. If...
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