Kristy Hinze: I'm addicted to yoga

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
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A self-confessed yoga nut, model Kristy Hinze reveals her passion for healthy food and tells us why she makes time for "moving meditation"

"I think your health is everything. It’s broader than just physical, it’s mental and spiritual, too. If you are healthy in your body but not in your mind, it can work against you. The power of your thoughts and positive energy is a huge thing. "

"I'm a complete yoga nut. I do yoga every day. It’s not only my exercise but my time to do something good for me. I’m addicted to it. There are so many things to do when you have a family – my husband Jim [Clark] and I have a 20-month-old daughter, Dylan. And I have a business and travel a lot. So it’s nice to get out of my head. Yoga clears my head – it’s like a moving meditation and a massage for my body."

"I’m careful about what I eat and what my family eats. We eat all organic. I’d rather stay away from foods with pesticides and herbicides, and I don’t like mass food-lot farming. It’s nice knowing the animal has been treated in a respectful way. I also go to the market in our area to support local growers."

"I try not to put too many restrictions on myself. If I feel like eating ice-cream, I’ll do it.

"Giving your body what it needs is important. That stops any bingeing later. I know myself: If I tell myself I’m not having chocolate today, I’ll end up having chocolate for sure."

"When you become a mother you think about things differently. I used to jump in first and ask questions later, but I’m not like that anymore."

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