Alison Johnson: naturopath

Natural therapies

For health advice the natural way, get the answers you need here!

Dr Angelo Lazaris: cosmetic dentist


After a pearly smile? We've got the lowdown on all the latest treatments here.

Brett McCann: sexologist

Sex & relationships

Got a male related sex question? Ask our sexologist for his advice.

Dean Piazza: personal trainer


Got a query about your workout routine? Ask our expert fitness trainer for his advice.

Desiree Spierings: sexologist

Sex & relationships

Got a female related sex question? Ask our sexologist for her advice.

Duncan Peak: yoga expert


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Dr Jeremy Hunt: plastic surgeon


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Lisa Guy: nutritionist

Diet & nutrition

Got a question about you or your child's diet? Ask our nutrtionist for her advice.

Paul Morgan: mental health advisor

Mental health

Don't suffer in silence. Ask our expert or contact SANE for more advice on mental health.

Leah Hechtman: fertility expert


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