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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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Rodney shed almost 50cm off his waistAfter being overweight for 20 years, Rodney decided to put a stop to his beer and takeaway-loving... Jennifer lost 23kg of excess baggageReturning form the UK with 'excess baggage', Jennifer joined Weight Watchers and ran the entire... Janine lost over 70kg to conceiveAt 152kg, Janine feared her excess weight would make falling pregnant a second time difficult. My bikini was my inspirationMother of six Mychelle Carruthers lived 120km from her closest Weight Watchers meeting. Juggling... Determination made Fiona's wedding day perfectWith one year until her big day, Fiona made her weight loss a priority...and lost 12kg in time for... Now fit enough to join the Army!Alaine never had the knowledge she needed to assist her with weight loss, but after joining Weight... Plan your own success storyDo you ever read our success... A blunt statement from her doctor forced Kimberly to open her eyes"The doctor told me I was obese"A blunt statement from her doctor forced Kimberly to open her eyes and leave the unhappy,... A family weight-loss affairTired and unhappy trying to juggle study and part-time work, Abbey Justin decided to slim down with... "I'm no longer Mr Big!"Jay found his confidence and turned his life around losing 40kg, transforming him from a flab dad... Gemma lost an amazing 60kg Online!Gemma lost an amazing 60kg Online!Gemma's gone from feeling out of breath after a five minute walk to completing a 5km charity run in... Donna lost over 5 kilos for her wedding dayWedding day weight lossDonna saw her engagement party photo and couldn't believe she'd put on weight. But there was still... Matthew lost 34.3 kilosGuys who lost it — MatthewMatt used to wear 3XL shirts and elastic waisted pants from the 'big man's section' to hide his... Go Bron!!Meet the Slimmer of the Year!Tasmanian paramedic Bron Robertson has overcome all odds to be crowned the 2009 Weight Watchers... WA mum wins Biggest LoserA West Australian mother has become the first woman to win The Biggest Loser, shedding over 55kg. Justine is no longer hiding from the cameraJustine is no longer hiding from the cameraTeaming up with a friend at work, Justine tells how she achieved her New Year's resolution and lost... Vanessa: Leading by example."Why I love being a Weight Watchers Leader…"Vanessa lost over 26.4kg and has kept it off for over 2 years. Kellie reclaims her old selfKellie reclaims her old selfAfter having her second baby in February 2008, Kellie wanted to reclaim her old self and be a size... Al has regained her confidence and self esteemAl has regained her confidence and self esteemAl abandoned weight-loss quick fixes for a lasting solution. She signed up to Weight Watchers... Rosanna went from couch potato to gym junkieRosanna went from couch potato to gym junkieMum-of-one Rosanna lost 22kg. Since then she's completed the Sydney City2Surf and become a Weight...
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