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Lisa is an experienced Sydney based naturopath and nutritionist who runs a naturopathic practice called Art of Healing. Lisa specialises in children's health and nutrition and is the author of the children's nutrition book My Goodness. ASK ME A QUESTION


Tips for reducing your child's sugar intakeYour child doesn't have to give up their favourite treats altogether. My Goodness is full of yummy, healthy versions of all their favourites, like chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, cakes, muffins, jelly, cheesecake and milkshakes.
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Sleeping woman (Getty Images)Wake up at the same time to lose fat: studyStudies have long suggested that people who sleep more also weigh less. But new research indicates... A diet to help with migrainesI am suffering from migraines fortnightly at the moment. I have read that a low-amine diet may... Gluten intolerance — what does it mean exactly?For about the past year or so, I have been on a wheat, gluten free, coeliac rollercoaster ride,... A diet for flatulence and refluxI am wondering which the best diet is for me, as I suffer from flatulence and reflux. The... High schools dietsI'm 17 and constantly see some of my friends strive to be skinny by not eating. How important is it... Starting solidsI have a five-and-a-half month old son who I feel is ready for solids. I started my first child on... Underweight teenI am a 14-year-old girl, 150cm tall and I now only weigh 38kg. I lost a lot of weight this year and... Excessive use of laxatives to stay thinI have been hanging out with some new friends lately and most of the girls (16-26 years old) are a... Winter healthI feel like I'm getting run down and scared that my immune system isn't very strong as I tend to... Are juices really good for you?I have a question regarding juices, particularly those that claim to contain a day's quota in one... Getting teenage daughter to eat fruit and vegiesMy teenage daughter has never liked or eaten fruit or vegies. We have pulled our hair out trying... All about nutsWhat are the best nuts to eat and the benefits they give you? Healthy food for familiesI've been trying to eat better for a while now but am having some trouble. Just about every food... Foods to help with weight gainI'm 17 years old and 170cm tall. I weigh 48kg. I am underweight and would like to gain weight.... Tummy fatI have an issue with my tummy. I have what I think is a large pot belly. My partner tells me I... Diet foodI'm 21 years old and am on the Optislim diet following the advice of my doctor. I can have 100g of... Digestive healthMy dad was diagnosed with Crohn's disease around 20 years ago and has suffered with the illness... Post-lunch fatigueI'm just wondering what foods I should be eating to reduce the fatigue I feel after eating lunch.... Three–year-old won't eat any vegetables or fruitMy three- year old son won't eat vegetables or fruit. He also won't try anything new, not even... Two-year-old girl is constantly sickI am at my wit's end. My two-year-old girl always seems sick. She was four weeks premmie and...
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