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Victorian government aims to curb obesity through graphic campaign


A graphic campaign aimed at curbing obesity has been launched by Victoria's Minister for Health David Davis last week.

Scientists suggest wine and cuppa are good for the heart


Pour yourself a glass of red or white to sip through dinner then cap off your meal with a cup of tea and you could be helping your heart, scientists say.

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Getty ImagesTeen weight gain predicted by response to food commercialsCommercials advertising junk food activate the brain's "reward regions" in some teens and can... Getty ImagesGet some shut-eye: Study finds syncing your body clock blitzes fatUniversity of Manchester researchers believe that getting the right amount of regular sleep could... Getty imagesJust one piece of fruit per day is enough to cut cardiovascular disease risk in halfThey say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but getting your daily dose of fruit could be... Getty imagesCan you train your brain to like healthy foods?Obese people may be able to undo their addition to unhealthy foods and learn to like healthy ones,... ThinkstockDown to a tea: scientists suggest wine and cuppa are good for the heartPour yourself a glass of red or white to sip through dinner then cap off your meal with a cup of... Getty ImagesAussie teens don't have to be skinny to have an eating disorder: studyNew Australian research shows there has been a fivefold increase in teenagers who are not...

Healthy eating

Tailoring diets to the sexes could lead to better resultsUS scientists who say tailoring diets to each sex could be useful for fighting obesity, treating diseases and generally improving health.

Expert Advice

'Vegetable glow' is sexier than a suntanEating the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables daily induced a healthy glow perceived by participants to be far more attractive than a suntan.

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McDonald's turns to celebrity chefs in an attempt to boost salesEating healthy has never been more popular and these days, it seems you're just as likely to see a line for green smoothies at a trendy cafe as you are at the McDonald's drive through. The Paleo diet made easy Fatty food threatens sense of smell Energy drinks increase binge drinking risk: Australian study

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