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Celebs who quit smokingBeing famous doesn't make you immune to addiction, and these celebrities know just how hard quitting can be. Read on for some famous quitters – and how they did it...
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Getty ImagesSmoking cannabis 'won't make you more creative'From writers to painters to film directors, many artists have sworn by mind-altering substances,... ThinkstockSmoking in pregnancy affects grandchildren's healthAdding to the plethora of reasons why pregnant women ought to quit smoking, a new study has found... ThinkstockSmoking in pregnancy increases chances of children being gay: neurobiologistMothers who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have gay and lesbian children, according to a... ThinkstockSmoking rots brain: studySmoking damages memory, learning and reasoning according to a UK study of almost 9000 people aged... Image: ThinkstockSmoking during pregnancy can pass asthma to grandchildren: studyIt's no secret that smoking during pregnancy can pose health risks to babies, but US scientists... Image: ThinkstockSmart smoking swapsHere's how to break the smoking habit once and for all with effective strategies for dealing with... Image: Getty ImagesSeven things to do instead of smokingWant to really quit this time? You're going to need distraction. Second-hand smoke: It's a blow to your healthWhile it doesn't seem entirely fair, did you know that you could be at risk of developing a number... Smoking ban in Brisbane's Queen St MallBrisbane's Lord Mayor has caved in to public pressure and is set to impose a total smoking ban in... Smoking: what the government is doingWhile Australia leads the world with its plain cigarette packaging strategy, our governments... Quit and stress lessSmoking linked to chronic stressSmokers often claim a cigarette helps them to calm their nerves but according to a recent UK study,... Smoking and weight gainI have made up my mind to quit smoking but the last time I quit I gained 4 kg. I am already a bit...

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