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Alison Johnson: naturopath

Alison Johnson is a respected naturopath of over 22 years. She has qualifications in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and iridology. Visit her Sydney clinics for a personal appointment.


Apple cider vinegarI am an O blood type and therefore have high acidity in my stomach already and I'm wondering if it is okay to still take apple cider vinegar?
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Persistent candidaI have had persistent candida for 10 years with my main symptom being vaginal burning. Over the... PregnancyI am 33 years old and trying to fall pregnant. What natural therapies would you recommend? Premenstrual bloating?I am starting to notice the excessive bloating happens before I am due for my period. I'm not sure... Problem skinI have developed terrible pimples on my right side of my chin. I have picked some and now created... Preconception careI am hoping to get pregnant in the next few months and I have already improved my diet, exercise... PCOS and infertilityI am 29 and have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and don't ovulate regularly. I have no other... Pregnancy sicknessAre there any natural remedies you can suggest that help alleviate pregnancy sickness and the... PUPPPS rashMy wife is 18 weeks pregnant and has got a very itchy rash called PUPPPS. Apparently it will only... Post-smoking clear-outI stopped smoking over three months ago and notice that my skin is breaking out — can you tell... Poor circulationHello, I'm 17 years old, eat lots of extremely healthy food, I'm fit, exercise for an hour five... PsoriasisI have psoriasis and I was wondering if there was a cure for it. A friend of mine said that she... Pre-menstrual bloatingBefore I get my period, I get bloated three weeks prior to it, which leaves me feeling okay for... PsoriasisI am 28 years old and have suffered psoriasis of the scalp all my life. Well, that is what I think...

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