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Alison Johnson: naturopath

Alison Johnson is a respected naturopath of over 22 years. She has qualifications in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and iridology. Visit her Sydney clinics for a personal appointment.


Apple cider vinegarI am an O blood type and therefore have high acidity in my stomach already and I'm wondering if it is okay to still take apple cider vinegar?
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Natural remedies for long-term indigestionI've been suffering from indigestion on and off for several years despite trying to control my diet... Natural remedies for thrushI've been suffering from thrush for about two years now. Every month around my period I will get a... Night-time sugar cravingsI'm a 43-year-old shift worker and find after or around night shifts I just crave sugar. Is there a... Natural treatments for acneI would like to know what supplements you might recommend for my 16-year-old son who has acne. Is... Natural antifungal treatmentWhat is the best natural antifungal treatment for all age groups? Natural cures for hay feverI get very bad hay fever all the time. I have had enough of taking over-the-counter drugs. What... Night sweatsMy partner has frequent night sweats where his whole side of the bed is soaking wet. Usually he... Natural therapies for ADHDMy child's teacher believes he may have ADHD. I have heard that Keflex is good, and I have some,... Natural solutions for an underactive thyroidI am currently on thyroxine for an underactive thyroid, but have been told kelp will help with some... Natural solutions for a child with rheumatoid arthritisMy daughter, who is eight years old, was diagnosed approximately three years ago with rheumatoid... Natural treatment for a fungal skin rashI am a 25-year-old Aboriginal male with naturally dark skin and have developed light patches on my... Natural solutions for acneI am 25 years old and suffer from acne. I have tried a number of pills, and acne-related...

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