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Alison Johnson: naturopath

Alison Johnson is a respected naturopath of over 22 years. She has qualifications in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and iridology. Visit her Sydney clinics for a personal appointment.


Apple cider vinegarI am an O blood type and therefore have high acidity in my stomach already and I'm wondering if it is okay to still take apple cider vinegar?
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Improving children's immunityCould you please recommend some natural therapies to help my daughter to improve her immune system?... Irregular periods and breakthrough bleedingI am looking for help with irregular periods and breakthrough bleeding. I have been to my... Irregular periodsI have suffered from irregular periods all of my life. In the past I have used the contraceptive... InsomniaWhat is the best cure for insomnia and anxiety? I am taking Valerian 2000 at the moment. Is there... Itchy scaly scalpI gave birth to my second child six months ago and am still breastfeeding. For the past four months... I am trying to have baby boyI have two girls and I really want to know how I can work on having a baby boy. What do I need to... Increasing breastmilk supplyI have read that fenugreek and blessed thistle are useful in increasing breastmilk supply for the... Is it normal to have a coated tongue?My question is about a coated tongue. Why does this happen, what causes it and should I be... Irritable Bowel SyndromeI am getting a lot of pains in my abdomen and am getting alternating bouts of constipation and...

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