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'Face fitness' promises to keep you looking young, but does it work?


Drop and give me 20 … air kisses, darling! It's not the usual command you'd hear in a gym as people pump iron and sculpt muscle, but facial workouts are being hailed as the non-surgical solution to stopping face wrinkles and sagging. Indoor skydiving is the unexpected fitness fad that burns more calories than jogging Gym smog: Poor air quality could be killing your workout

Men who post more photos online likely to be psychopaths


New research from Ohio State University (OSU) has found that men who post the most selfies score higher on two of the three so-called "dark triad" personality traits of narcissism and psychopathy.

The simple lifestyle mistakes that could be making men infertile Vasectomy could increase risk of aggressive prostate cancer

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I had heard that one of the ways to lower cholesterol is to reduce caffeine intake?

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